Webtool HCV220 – Cable Cutter

Heavy duty subsea cable, umbilical and riser cutting tool with integrated hydraulic anvil. Cuts up to 220 mm diameter.


The HCV220 is a heavy duty cable cutter and umbilical cutter designed for subsea deployment in severe working conditions. The integrated hydraulic anvil removes the need for diver intervention and makes the tool easily deployed and operated by ROV.

Features and Benefits of the HCV220 – Cable Cutter

  • Heavy duty cable, umbilical and riser cutter for use in severe working conditions.
  • Designed for subsea use, emergency disconnection as well as deck-mounted planned production cutting.
  • Hydraulically operated anvil for easy ROV deployment.
  • Robust steel construction with electroless nickel plating to resist corrosion.
  • Integrated interlock ensures that the blade cannot activate until the anvil is fully deployed.
  • Can be used at any water depth.

Technical Information

  • Cutting capacity – Maximum Ø220 mm
  • Integrated hydraulic intensifier and internal filter and relief valve
  • 210 bar maximum input pressure
  • Approx weight in air – 320 kg
  • Approx weight in water – 276 kg
  • Swept volume cut stroke – 4.0 litres
  • Swept volume return stroke – 2.0 litres
  • Standard tool is shown above. Bespoke and custom designs to suit special applications are available on request