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Burton 10,000 PSI open-face pressure ratings

BurtonTM dry-mate connectors are rated for 10,000 PSI, even when unmated. Harsh-environment design features include face-type plug and receptacle sealing that does not require O-rings, completely eliminating the problem of O-rings falling off. Additional design features include:

– Stub acme threads are used on all shell sizes. Stub acme threads are more resistant to cross threading and damage than conventional threading
– Electrical contacts utilize crimp connections which provide longer services lives than soldered contacts when subjected to repeated flexing
– Contacts are completely bonded and isolated to maintain electrical insulation in the event that the cable jacket is damaged and water migrates into the plug
– Receptacle water-blocking systems protect against water entering equipment through the connector during catastrophic events such as a plug being torn away from a receptacle

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