Tritech Micron Data Modem – Acoustic Modem

The Micron Data Modem is an exciting development in the field of through-water communications; providing a robust spread spectrum data transmission from an extremely compact unit.



With a range of up to 500m (500m horizontal & 150m vertical), the Micron Data Modem has been designed to provide a reliable data link for through-water communications where there are limitations on space and/or power. Suitable for use as a standalone system or part of an AUV control system.

The Micron Modem provides robust spread spectrum data transmission from an extremely compact and low cost unit. Due to its miniature size and low weight, the Micron Modem is suitable for a host of potential subsea data transfer applications that were previously impractical or uneconomic with larger, more expensive systems.

The system is able to transmit a maximum data rate of 40 bits per second, making it suitable for a range of through-water, low data rate transfer requirements

Technical information


Frequency band: 20 – 28kHz
Data rate: 40bit/s (spread spectrum)
Range: 500m horizontal, 150m vertical
Transmitter source: 169dB re 1μPa at 1m
Doppler tolerance: ±5m/s
Minimum signal to noise ratio: -6dB (in band)
Multipath rejection: Maximum delay spread of 10 – 100ms
Ranging: Integral range function with 0.1m resolution over full range and ±0.2m accuracy
(assuming correct velocity of sound)