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Sonardyne Lightweight Actuation Transponder

Part of Sonardyne’s Coastal Acoustic product range, the Type 8044 Lightweight Actuation Transponder (LAT) is a low cost acoustic device that provides cable-less, through water control of subsea electrical equipment. Applications for the LAT include activating the inflation of buoyancy bags and opening or closing valves.

The LAT can also be interrogated from the surface to determine its position on the seabed and provide confirmation of electrical activation.

The output from the LAT can be configured to provide multi-width and multi-pulse electrical outputs to suit a wide range of requirements. A rugged underwater connector ensures reliable activation.

The LAT is remotely controlled from the surface using a low-cost deck unit supplied with a dunking transducer and 10 metres of cable. The deck unit is used to program the acoustic identity of the LAT from several thousand available and then test the unit prior to deployment. Once in the water, the deck unit can measure ranges to the transponder and after sending a secure actuation command, relocate the transponder.

LATs are also compatible with Sonardyne’s ROV-Homer and Homer-Pro target relocation systems. Deployed at a point of interest, the LAT can be interrogated, weeks or years later, to provide range and direction guidance to a ROV pilot or diver wishing to home back on to it.


Features & Benefits
– Provides acoustic command and control of subsea electrical devices
– Configurable signal output to suit customer electronics
– Depth rated to 500 metres
– Up to 4 years deployment with Long-life Lithium battery pack
– Rugged, compact design
– Robust underwater connector
– Thousands of secure identities; field programmable with deck unit
– Compatible with ROV-Homer and Homer-Pro relocation systems and Scout and Prospector positioning system

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