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Sonardyne Heavy Load DORT

The Type 8048 Heavy Load DORT (Deep Oceanographic Release Transponder) is a tough, reliable acoustic release designed for deployment in up to 7,000 metres of water.

Standard features include a Safe Working Load of 2,500kg and a spring-assisted release mechanism. This type of release mechanism was originally developed by Sonardyne for navigation transponders supplied to the offshore industry of which there are now many thousands reliably in service around the world.

Excellent corrosion resistance is achieved by using Super Duplex stainless steel, Ferralium 255. In addition, the Heavy Load DORT is available in different housing lengths and is mechanically compatible with other standard release transponders on the market thus simplifying mechanical integration.

Heavy Load DORTs are controlled using frequency band specific Lightweight Command Units (LCU) which comprise of a dunking transducer connected to either a splash-proof PSION, PC running supplied software or terminal program. For security of operation, a special coding system provides protection against accidental release by noise and acoustic transmissions from other vessels.

Features & Benefits
– Safe Working Load of 2.5 Tonnes
– 7,000 Metre depth rated
– Highly reliable, proven release mechanism
– Up to 9 years deployment with extra long life lithium battery
– Excellent corrosion resistance – Ferralium 255
– Compact and rugged design
– Mechanically compatible with other release transponders
– Choice of housing lengths to suit deployment scenario

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