Sub-Atlantic ROV Super Mohawk

Sub-Atlantic’s fully electric Super Mohawk remotely operated vehicle is an excellent general purpose professional ROV system suitable for observation, survey, pipelay support, light to medium work and NDT inspections.



Super Mohawk II Is a robust, durable and long proven ROV system designed for high payload, with plenty open deck space
and skid mounted options. The subCAN control system provides advanced diagnostics, precise vehicle control and reduced
reactive maintenance. Thus, the benefit of increased dive time, reduced vessel standby and operating costs. The system can
be supplied as free flying or with Tether Management System.

Standard System Equipment

Dual 1 atmosphere electronics pods / subCAN control, protection & diagnostics system
Camera Pan & Tilt Unit
2000m / 65Kg standard payload buoyancy

Operational Equipment (Optional)
12 station valve pack / HPU for auxiliary hydraulics
Torque tool / manipulator / cutter / FMD / AXVX skid options
Pipeline inspection / cable tracking skids
Scientific sensor / sample collection skids
Submarine rescue pod/threat detection options
HD / stereo / PATZ / multi-beam / digital stills camera interfaces
Type 2 cage Tether Management System
Live boat winch / integral cabin & LARS options

Control System
Hands free navigation / station keeping
Power management and system protection
Live monitoring and diagnostics

Single pass to four pass fiber optic upgrade available
Ethernet/ CWDM options for expansion of sensor suite
4 x video channels , 2 x RS 485 channels, 4 x RS 232 channels (1 dedicated to subCAN)

Additional System Options
3000m buoyancy set (60Kg payload)
Additional payload buoyancy set (25Kg)
Digital video and survey database options

Operational Skids
Forum provides a range of operational skids for each model of Observation ROV, including the following options:
Pipeline Inspection (boom arms / TS440 etc.)
Seabed Survey – multibeam / gradiometer / profiling sonars etc.
IRM – Manipulator / Jetting / Dredging / Cutting / Cleaning
Flooded Member Detection / AX,VX ring changeout
Torque tool & verification unit
Fluid Injection for BOP testing etc.
Submarine rescue pod delivery
Sample collection & storage / scientific instrumentation
Bespoke skids to customer requirements

Technical information

Length: 1400 mm
Width: 900 mm
Height: 850 mm
ROV Depth Rating: 3000 m
Standard buoyancy depth: 2000 m
Optional buoyancy depth: 3000 m
Weight in Air: 395 kg
Standard Payload: 65 kg
Additional Payload: 25 kg
Power Required 440vAC 3ph 50/60Hz 15Kva
Thruster Horizontal: 150 mmØ
Thruster Vertical: 150 mmØ
Bollard Pull – Nominal
  Forward: 110 kgf
  Reverse: 80 kgf
  Lateral: 75 kgf
  Vertical: 45 kgf
Surface Speed – Nominal 3.0 Kt = 1.5 m/s
Turning rate 120º per second


Super_Mohawk Datasheet