Sub-Atlantic ROV Comanche

The Comanche Work-Class electric ROV benefits from enhanced capabilities provided by a powerful control system, proportional work-class manipulator arms, tooling hydraulic system, survey interfaces and generous payload capacity.




Comanche is the logical choice when seeking the ultimate ‘all round’ electric ROV. Offering a generous auxiliary hydraulic
package for work class manipulation and tooling combined with an advanced and powerful control and diagnostics
package for survey and other data collection missions, the Comanche offers high performance, high reliability and high
adaptability combined with low capital & operational expenditure and reduced deck space – especially when compared to
the alternatives. Comanche is currently at work globally in the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Civil Engineering, Military,
Scientific Research and Treasure Hunting sectors. The system can be supplied as free flying or with Tether Management

Standard System Equipment
Electronics Pod c/w subCAN Control, Protection & Diagnostic
System & 907 Plus Multiplexer & Single Mode Telemetry
Low Mass 35kW / 3000V / 400Hz Transformer
Capacitor, HV Fuse & Thruster Power Box
Pan & Tilt Unit • High Torque Tilt Unit
2000m Rated 215 Kg Payload Buoyancy
Plentiful space for Mounting User Equipment
Aluminium Frame Supporting Internal & External User Equipment & Live Boat Launch & Recovery

Operational Equipment
2000m rated 285Kgs Payload Buoyancy •
Survey Expansion Electronics Pod

Choice of Industry Standard
Manipulators & Cutters
Dredge Systems
Cameras & Lights (multiple video channel upgrades available)
Live Download Digital Stills
Obstacle Avoidance Sonars
Motion & Navigation Reference Sensors
Geophysical & Bathymetric Survey Sensors
Non Destructive Test Sensors
Cleaning Jets & Brushes
Pipe and Cable Tracking & Inspection Systems
Drill Support & Well Intervention Tooling
Threat Detection. Imaging and Intervention Systems

Control System and Features
Auto Heading / Depth / Altitude
Hands Free Navigation & Station Keeping
Hand Control Unit & Graphical User Interface
Power Management & Protection
System Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics

Single Mode Fibre Integration of All Standard and Optional Data
4 x video channels, 2 x RS 485 channels, 4 x RS 232 channels (1 dedicated to subCAN)

Additional System Options
3000m Rated Garage Tether Management System
3000m Rated 275Kgs Buoyancy option
300m Rated Higher Payload Options
Digital Video & Survey Data Recording Systems

Operational Skids
Forum provides a range of operational skids for each model of Observation ROV, including the following options:
Pipeline Inspection (boom arms / TS440 etc.)
Seabed Survey – multibeam / gradiometer / profiling sonars etc.
IRM – Manipulator / Jetting / Dredging / Cutting / Cleaning
Flooded Member Detection / AX, VX ring change out
Torque tool & verification unit
Fluid Injection for BOP testing etc.
Submarine rescue pod delivery
Sample collection & storage / scientific instrumentation
Bespoke skids to customer requirements

Technical information

Length: 2100 mm
Width: 1300 mm
Height: 1250 mm
Standard ROV Depth Rating: 3000 m
Standard Buoyancy Depth: 2000 m
Optional Buoyancy Depth: 3000 m
Maximum Optional Depth: 6000 m
Weight in Air: 1130 kg
Standard Payload: 215 kg
Optional Payload: 285 kg
Power Required 35 kW
Thruster Horizontal (4): 250
Thruster Vertical (3): 250
Forward Thrust: 240 kgf
Lateral Thrust: 240 kgf
Vertical Thrust: 225 kgf
Optimum Speed 3.0 Kt = 1.5 m/s