XLe Spirit is the first of a new generation of observation class ROVs from Forum Energy Technologies.
The vehicle embraces the latest advances in ROV technology that the industry has come to demand
and expect from modern ROV design.



XLe Spirit is compact in design and is primarily suited to observation and inspection tasks.
The vehicle is powerful enough to perform maintenance and repair duties with use of the optional electric or hydraulic five function manipulator arm.

• Forum ICE™ Integrated Control Engine, Real-time Control System as used on work-class ROVs
• Wide range of auto pilot and pilot assist modes
• Ergonomic Control Panel
• Ethernet telemetry; IP based architecture
• Modular design – common across XLe range
• Smart power distribution system – lightweight, high voltage low loss transmission
• Free flying or with TMS

Video, Serial, Power & Fibre Optic Channels
14 available control PV connectors
All with isolated RS232/RS485
All can switch/isolate 24 Vdc at 5 A max
2 with 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet
2 with responder triggers
4 with SD composite video
All with selectable current trip level, short circuit protection, current monitoring
Total 1.75 kW available
3 isolated CP probe interfaces
Ground Fault Monitoring

Optional Survey Interfaces for:
48 Vdc supply
120 Vac supply
Additional fibres/CWDM channels
HD-SDI video
Ethernet (switchless)

Surface Control System
Utilizes the Forum ICE™ Integrated Control Engine
Windows® based HMI Computer
Dedicated real-time controller
Intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), user configurable
Advanced interactive graphical diagnostics
Ergonomic pilot hand control unit

Control System
Hands free navigation
Power management and system protection
Live monitoring and diagnostics

Standard Equipment
Electric Tilt Unit with position feedback

System Options
Video Cameras – SD (composite)
Video Cameras – HD or SD (IP)
Stills Cameras
Dimmable LED lights
2D Multibeam Sonar
Obstacle Avoidance Sonar
Scaling Lasers
CP Probes
North Seeking Gyro
Mort Pusher
Fixed Hook
Survey Booms
Cleaning Brush

Skid Options (75kg through frame lift)
5-function Manipulator
Profiling Sonar
Sub-bottom profiler
Pipe Rollers

Surface Options
Control Van
Workshop/Stores Van

System Options
Garage Type TMS
Launch and Recovery System

Technical information

Dimensions & Performance

Depth Rating: 1000 m
Weight in Air: 200 kg (including payload)
Length: 1100 mm
Width: 725 mm
Height: 715 mm
Power at ROV: 8 kW
Payload: 35 kg lead
Through Frame Lift: 75 kg
Thrusters Horizontal: 4 x SPE-75
Thrusters Vertical: 2 x SPE-75