Sub-Atlantic Hydraulic Thrusters

Sub-Atlantic’s range of hydraulic thrusters have become the preferred propulsion for ROVs and cable burial/maintenance vehicles. Working in a highly aggressive environment, they have earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency and exceptional performance.



Sub-Atlantic hydraulic thrusters are reliable due to a rugged, lightweight contruction and a ceramic shaft sealing system. These thrusters also benefit from producing near equal forward/reverse efficiency within a 5% band. The data from our performance testing has been witnessed by DNV to ensure your system design performs exactly as expected. These thrusters also benefit from the ability to fit any motor displacement size to any of the four thruster sizes due to the common, one-size motor/thruster interface. This is advantageous when accuratly matching to vehicle hydraulic system parameters.

– Proven Reliability – Low Parts Usage
– Efficient
– Forward/Reverse Thrust within 5% band
– Quick-Change Seal Cartridge
– Reliable Ceramic Sealing Surfaces
– Lightweight
– DNV Witnessed Performance
– Easily Retro-Fittable
– 4 Standard Propeller Sizes
– Various Interchangeable Motor Options
– New! Thruster Guards Available

Technical information