Tritech MicronNav 200 – USBL Tracking System

The MicronNav 200 system is the latest generation of UltraShort Base Line (USBL) positioning system from Tritech. It has been designed for small vehicles and diver supporting applications.



The MicronNav 200 system benefits from a number of new features including data transfer interleaved with USBL positioning, software integration into Google Maps™, smaller, more accurate USBL head and compatibility with the new Micron Battery Modem.

The system comprises of a subsea MicronNav unit, a surface USBL transducer unit with integral Magnetic Compass and Pitch / Roll sensors, a surface Micron Nav 200 interface hub and bespoke operating software under control of topside  PC / Laptop.

The MicronNav 200 uses spread spectrum acoustic technology, which provides a robust method for communications between the dunking transducers and the vehicle responder/ transponder.

The USBL transducer is designed to provide 180 degree hemispherical coverage below the transducer, allowing vehicle tracking in very shallow water. The design of the ROV MicronNav 200 transducer provides omni-directional coverage.

The MicronNav 200 is a stand alone device which either responds to acoustic interrogation from the USBL head (transponder mode), or is triggered by RS232/ RS485 (responder mode) through the main port. The responder trigger can come either from the auxiliary port on a Tritech Micron Sonar or directly from the Micron NAV 200 interface hub.

Technical information

Positioning technology: Ultra Short Baseline (USBL)
Frequency band: 20 – 28kHz
Date rate: 40 bits/s or 100 bits/s (spread spectrum)
Tracking range: 500m horizontal, 150m vertical
Range accuracy: ±0.2m
Bearing accuracy: 1° (determined by USBL integrated heading sensor)
Pitch & Roll accuracy: 0.2° Static / 0.5° Dynamic
Targets tracked: 1 responder or up to 254 transponders
Doppler tolerance: ±5m/s
Data display:
Polar and Cartesian display with optional bitmap chart, marker overlay and tracking features
Data recording Data recorded in Seanet Pro format
Surface navigation:
Most GPS, Heading or Altitude sensors supported by Seanet Pro

MicronNav200 Surface Hub
Power requirement (AC or DC): 90 to 264 VAC (47Hz to 63Hz) or 15-36 VDC
Power consumption: 8.5W from either source with no additional load
Output voltage: 33V when on AC supply, 31,5V when on DC supply)
Dimensions: 232 x 185 x 52mm (width, depth, height)
Weight: 1.4kg
Materials: Stainless Steel housing with Anodised Aluminium front fascia
Temperature rating: 5 to 35°C operating, -20 to 50°C storage

USBL Transducer
Transmit source level:0 173dB re. 1µPa at 1m
Deck cable length: 10m standard (20m, 50m options)
Depth rating: 30m
Dimensions: 75 x 250mm (diameter, length)
Weight in air: 1.0kg
Weight in water: 0.1kg
Temperature rating: -10° to 35°C (operational), -20° to 50°C (storage)