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Sonardyne Transceiver Deployment Machine – Through-Hull

The Type 7950 Through-Hull Transceiver Deployment Machine consists of a hydraulically operated pole, a sealed bearing section and a sea chest service section, with inspection door. The whole machine sits on a gate valve which in turn is mounted on the flange of a through hull penetration pipe.

The ideal deployed length is dependant on each particular application, but in general terms it is best to minimise the deployed pole length to achieve a specified acoustic performance. Typically, a length of between one and three metres below the hull has been found to be acceptable. The pole is very rugged and is designed to be highly resistant to vibration caused by vortex shedding. Operational speeds of up to 10 knots through the water may be achieved safely (1) with the ability to survive short duration exposure to higher speeds.

Sonardyne can give detailed application advice on positioning, installing and commissioning the machine. The sea chest, when the gate valve is closed, provides easy access to the retracted Transducer for service and inspection purposes. The gate valve also allows the machine to be removed without dry docking. An optional hydraulic drive for the valve is available.

The machine can be controlled from a main control panel or locally at the machine. A bridge control is also available as an option.

The hydraulic power pack and main control can be mounted remotely if the machine is to be configured for Zone 1 classification. The standard form of machine can be simply configured to the meet individual vessel requirements by changing the height of the machine and providing adaptor flanges for different size or specification gate valves.

For specialist or demanding applications, machines of this general type can be engineered to suit customer specific requirements.

Key Features
– High strength carbon steel pole for stiffness and strength
– Nickel based (NiCrSiB) coating of pole for durability and corrosion resistance
– High integrity bearing and sealing design
– Reliable hydraulic actuation with safety interlocksConfigurable design, can be Zone 1 Ex rated
– Operational speeds of up to 10 knots. Notes (1) and (2) overleaf
– Manual retraction of pole in emergency with loss of power

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