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Sonardyne Transceiver Deployment Machine – Over-The-Side

A modular, transportable, over the side deployment pole for Sonardyne USBL systems, designed for vessels where through-hull deployment options is not available or practical.

Designed from years of experience on many vessels and careful modelling, the high performance pole enables survey grade positioning from any vessel of opportunity so reducing operating costs and extending capability. The high integrity design and deck level actuation reduces potential HSE concerns seen on some installations.

Manufactured from high grade steel, the highly rigid pole includes vortex shedding strakes to reduce drag and vibration which can reduce performance.Once deployed the pole is locked into place via a heavy duty hydraulically operated mechanism welded to the ships hull. When the lock is engaged it increases the stiffness of the pole and ensures a high degree of repeatability when raised and lowered.

Installation is made easy with deck or hull mounting options. The poles length can be adjusted by adding or removing sections. Lower sections are simple to change and cost effective to replace. Each section is fitted with lifting lugs positioned at its centre of mass.

Longevity and robustness are enhanced by fabrication from hot dipped galvanised steel which is then over coated with a two part marine epoxy.

The pole’s design makes assembly easy by incorporating internal protected ducts for the hydraulic hose (for the locking mechanism) and two cables to the pole end. The design allows the fabrication of a range of adapters offering a high degree of flexibility in the type of equipment that can be attached and deployed from the pole.

Key Features
– High performance, high integrity, survey grade deployment system for USBL deployment from vessels
– Reduces potential operating costs by enabling smaller vessels of opportunity to be utilized
– Designed for easy installation, disassembly and transportation
– Reduced HSE concerns
– Positively locks into place to ensure repeatability
– Drag and vortex reducing strakes
– Deck and hull mount options
– Sectional pole allows length to be configured for each vessel
– Good corrosion resistance
– Adapters to fit all Sonardyne transceivers. Custom design available for non-Sonardyne instrumentation

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