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Sonardyne Ranger 2 USBL

Ranger 2 is a high performance acoustic position reference system designed for tracking underwater targets and positioning dynamically positioned (DP) vessels. The system (commonly referred to as a HPR system) uses the Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning method to calculate the position of a subsea target, for example an ROV, by measuring the range and bearing from a vessel-mounted transceiver to an acoustic transponder fitted to the target. Multiple subsea targets over a wide area and range of water depths can be simultaneously and precisely positioned.

Version 4 Software
Version 4 of Ranger 2 USBL system software is now available.This major release includes many capability,productivity and usability improvements such as a revised Navigation Chart for Windows 7, support for iWAND and a new Beacon Wizard with integrated 6G Discovery.

Discovery mode automatically detects previously deployed transponders including their configured address and channel.Positions can now be displayed in Latitude/Longitude or US Survey Feet,and for DP users there is a new Array Planning tool,as well as Vessel Reference Points with Watch Circles.

Contact support@sonardyne.com for all features and upgrade advice.

6G® Technology
Ranger 2 builds on the simplicity and reliability of Sonardyne’s original Ranger system but adds support for the latest 6G® (Sixth Generation) acoustic instruments and Wideband 2 signal architecture. 6G® systems offer precise acoustic ranging, fast data telemetry and hardware that is easier to set up and operate even in the most challenging subsea operating environments. These features improve the efficiency of survey operations, reduce vessel delays and generate cost savings for owners.

Ranger Product Family
Ranger 2 is available in two versions. In standard configuration, Ranger 2 allows up to 10 subsea targets to be simultaneously tracked from a surface vessel. Operating ranges of greater than 6,000 metres are achievable and the system supports all industry standard survey and DP output telegrams. One second position updates are achievable in any water depth.

Ranger 2 Pro is designed for complex operations where any number of subsea targets can be tracked. Multiple transceivers and attitude compensation sensors can be simultaneously interfaced into Ranger 2 Pro allowing for highly redundant, bespoke installations. All Ranger 2 and Marksman versions support Sonardyne SPRINT, external triggers for acoustic synchronisation and user configurable displays.

Optimised Ranger 2
The positioning accuracy obtainable from Ranger 2 can be improved by interfacing the system directly into Lodestar, Sonardyne’s premium quality Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). This configuration is referred to as Optimised Ranger 2.

In an Optimised Ranger 2 system, the Lodestar is co-located with the vessel’s 6G® acoustic transceiver. The main advantage is that they are directly connected, enabling raw USBL range and bearing data to be simultaneously processed with the Lodestar’s attitude data. This integration achieves a tightly compensated solution that enables a system accuracy of 0.1% of slant range to be achieved. An Optimised Ranger 2 is therefore able to meet the positioning specifications of subsea projects that previously may have required the use of alternative acoustic positioning techniques.

Inverted Tracking
Ranger 2 supports Inverted USBL (iUSBL) tracking of towfish over long laybacks. Rather than mounting the USBL transceiver on the vessel in the traditional manner, with iUSBL the transceiver is installed on the towed body itself. This method eliminates the need for repeated system calibration, whilst the accuracy and repeatability of the acoustics is improved as the transceiver is located in a low noise, dynamically stable environment.

Emergency Pinger Relocation
Ranger 2 can be configured to detect the acoustic signals transmitted by the pingers fitted to Flight Data Recorders (FDRs) and Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVRs), commonly known as ‘black-boxes.’ Operating in a dedicated pinger detection mode, Ranger 2 is able to calculate the direction and elevation of an emergency pinger to aid search and recovery operations. For details of how to operate Ranger 2 in this special mode, please request the Quick Start Guide directly from Sonardyne’s customer support team.

Key Features
– Simple, intuitive software
– Tracks an unlimited number of targets;ROVs, towfish, AUVs
– Operating range beyond 6,000 metres
– 0.1% system accuracy when optimised
– Up to 1 second position updates
– Compatible with all DP systems
– Automated setup reduces delays
– Easy to use software

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