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Sonardyne HPT USBL & Telemetry Transceiver

The HPT Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) and telemetry transceiver is a new high performance platform which supports Sonardyne’s Wideband®2 6G® instruments and offers significant improvements in acoustic positioning and telemetry performance.

The advanced multi-element processing enables transponders to be positioned more precisely, more quickly and more robustly due to improvements in signal processing algorithms and array design. When used as part of a complete USBL system such as Marksman or Ranger 2 and tightly integrated with Sonardyne’s Lodestar attitude, heading and inertial navigation sensor, class leading performance in all water depths is achieved.

New functionality, such as ‘Discovery Mode’ which enables users to automatically detect previously deployed transponders including their configured address and channel, makes the system easier to use.

The HPT also fully supports 6G® LBL operations via Fusion LBL software. The HPT transceiver is also a highly capable acoustic telemetry transceiver. Its multiple simultaneous channels enable robust high speed telemetry reception from Sonardyne’s 6G subsea transponder modems and data loggers so reducing valuable vessel time.

Manufactured in aluminium-bronze, the HPT is intended to be fitted temporarily or permanently to a vessels through-hull or over-the-side pole.

A number of different array designs are available from full hemispherical coverage to specialist directional designs for ultra deepwater high noise environments.

Key Features
– High performance USBL transceiver utilising Wideband®2 ranging and telemetry offer improved USBL precision and robustness
– Enhanced USBL array designs for improved noisy vessel and deepwater performance
– True simultaneous tracking of multiple transponders providing high update rates
– Seamless simultaneous positioning and telemetry of data whilst tracking
– Sonardyne Wideband®1, 2 and HRP400 ranging mode compatible
– Built in health checks including USBL array and electronics diagnostics
– Discovery mode allows users to automatically scan for transponders deployed within acoustic range
– In water ambient noise monitoring
– Integral robust High Data Rate telemetry for fast acquisition of data from subsea instruments – reduces costly vessel time
– Compatible with Marksman LUSBL, Ranger 2 USBL and Fusion 6G® LBL systems
– Ethernet connectivity

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