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Sonardyne Autonomous Monitoring System

Sonardyne’s autonomous monitoring system is used for a wide number of low-cost, long endurance subsea monitoring applications. Operations can range from the simplicity of a single tidal gauge to the complexity of a large transponder network designed to monitor long-term trends in pipeline movement or seabed settlement.

The autonomous functionality of the system enables it to operate for several years without human or system intervention. This removes the requirement and cost overhead associated with the presence of a surface vessel or subsea ROV throughout the monitoring period.

The system is built around Sonardyne’s 6G® (Sixth Generation) Acoustic Monitoring Transponder platform (AMT), Wideband® 2 acoustic range measurement techniques and proven sensors. This combination enables centimetric positioning accuracy, sub-centimetre ranging precision and long term stability over 3km distances. The integrated wireless acoustic communications means that data can be quickly recovered in near real-time without recovering the AMTs by ROV.

Sonardyne’s Monitor software guides the operator through set-up, deployment and retrieval operations giving full control of the AMT at every stage of use during the project.

AMTs can be programmed with a user defined logging configuration via one of two methods. A serial link enables transponders to be pre-configured prior to deployment for quick and efficient back-deck operations. An acoustic link enables transponders to be re-configured once in the water to facilitate for evolving projects, removing the need for unnecessary retrieval operations.

Data can be acquired and recorded autonomously subsea without system or human intervention for significant periods of time. This data can then be recovered via the integrated high speed acoustic telemetry link enabling low data recovery costs.

Key Features
– Autonomous operation – acquires acoustic ranges and sensor data without surface command User defined log configuration
– Integrated precision sensors
– Standard transponders rated to 3,000m (5,000m and 7,000m options)
– Transponders are SonardyneUSBL/LBL and HiPaP® compatible
– Up to 6 years deployment battery life
– High speed data retrieval (Up to 6,000bps depending on transceiver)

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