Tritech Gemini 720is

Tritech’s Gemini multibeam imaging sonar provides users with real-time, crisp imagery for applications including obstacle avoidance, target detection and close-range inspection. Now with the latest electronics Tritech presents the next generation Gemini 720is imaging sonar.


With a 120 degree field of view (10 degree tilt) and a fast update rate of 30Hz, the Gemini 720is sonar is ideal for poor visibility environments. Gemini 720is features a 720 kHz operating frequency and an integrated sound velocity sensor to assist in providing the sharpest image possible, with accurate ranging. Redesigned for ease of install onto a variety of ROVs, AUVs and other underwater platforms, the Gemini 720is operates through Ethernet or VDSL communications. The sonar’s compact size means that it can also be deployed using a pole-mount assembly (customer supplied).


The Tritech Seanet Pro software package supports the Gemini 720is enabling a network of other Tritech sensors. A standalone Gemini software package is also available which offers users a tailored control and display interface including a click and track function and engineering measurement tools. Advanced SeeByte target tracking is also incorporated into this standard Gemini software package allowing the Gemini 720is to track multiple targets. Gemini software also has typical features common with Seanet Pro such as data recording/ playback, screen capture, range and gain control, colour palette selection, cursor reporting. A software development kit is available for autonomous vehicle operations.

Gemini SeaTec – Marine Object Tracking and Target Detection

There is the option to upgrade the standalone Gemini software to the Gemini SeaTec software for target tracking and classification applications.
Gemini SeaTec is specifically designed to detect objects and subsequently, classify targets accordingly.
Housing changes can be made to suit specific deployment requirements.

Technical information

Acoustic specifications
Operating frequency: 720kHz
Angular resolution: 1,0 acoustic, 0,25 effective
Range: 0,2m to 120m
Number of beams: 512
Horizontal beamwidth: 120
Vertical beamwidth: 20
Update rate: (typical operation): 5-30Hz (range dependent)
Range solution: 8mm
CHIRP support: Yes
Speed of Sound: VoS sensor

Power requirements: 16W – 27W (range dependent)
Supply voltage: 19 to 74V DC
Communication protocols: Ethernet or VDSL
Additional I/O: RS232, RS485 (half duplex), TTL in, Ethernet
Connector type: SeaCon 55 series, SubConn FCR 15 series or Schilling SeaNet
VDSL cable lenth: Maximum lenth for VDSL and power is 300m, if power is provided locally the maximum length for VDSL communication is 500m

Physical specifications
Depth rating: 1000m (Aluminium), 4000m (Titanium)
Weight in air: 3,35Kg (Aluminium), 5,0Kg (Titanium)
Weight in water: 1,3Kg (Aluminium), 3,0Kg (Titanium)
Temperature rating: -10 to 35C (operating), -20 to 50C (storage)


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