Tritech Gemini 720im

The Gemini 720im fuses Tritech’s Gemini multibeam technology with Tritech’s Micron technology to create the world’s smallest multibeam imaging sonar.


Having a 90° horizontal field of view and 50m range, with an update rate up to 20Hz, the Gemini 720im brings real-time imaging to places where multibeam was never possible previously.

With incredibly compact dimensions the Gemini 720im can be used in applications where size is critical. This makes the Gemini 720im ideally suited for micro ROV/AUVs in addition to applications where space is restricted or weight is critical, including diver helmet and pole mounted applications such as Search and Recovery (SAR) operations.

Sonar image from the Gemini 720im

Tritech’s Genesis software provides control and display of the Gemini 720im, and any auxiliary sensors on a surface computer via an easy-to-use interface.

Technical information

Acoustic Specifications
Operating frequency: 720kHz
Angular resolution: 2.34° acoustic, 0.7° effective
Range: 0.2m to 50m
Number of beams: 128
Horizontal beam width: 90°
Vertical beam width: 20° (±10° about horizontal axis)
Update rate (typical operation): 3 to 20Hz (range dependent)
Range resolution: 8mm
Mode of operation: CW or CHIRP
Speed of Sound: Adaptive beamforming based on user specified speed of sound

Supply voltage: 12 to 48V DC
Power requirement: 4.5W – 17W (7.5W average)1
Main port protocol: Ethernet (100Base-T) and/or Serial (RS232 or RS485)
Auxiliary port protocol: Serial (RS232 or RS485)
Connector type: Main: Seacon HUML-12, Impulse MKS(W)-3L10 & Tritech Micron Aux: Tritech Micron

Physical specification
Depth rating: 300m
Weight in air: 0.435kg
Weight in water: 0.244kg
Temperature rating: -10 to +35°C (operating), -20 to +50°C (storage)








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