Sonardyne Release Transponder RT6-1000

The Release Transponder 6 (RT 6–1000) is a rugged and reliable coastal release transponder which uses our field-proven 6G Wideband®2 acoustic ranging and telemetry protocol. This means that RT 6 1000 can be tracked and released using any Ranger 2 6G USBL system or a low-cost deck command unit with remote dunking transducer on a 10 metre cable


RT 6–1000 is depth rated to 1,000 metres making it the ideal choice for use in continental shelf waters. Field replaceable alkaline battery packs give a listening life of 18 months. A ‘screw-off’ release mechanism ensures a positive release action that overcomes any biological growth and all external parts are made of high strength plastics that provide excellent environmental corrosion resistance.

An NFC enabled reader can be used to program the acoustic identity of the RT 6–1000, run self-test functions, read battery status and load the release nut prior to deployment. The NFC link also provides the ability to enter RT 6-1000 into a storage mode when not in use, thereby significantly increasing the overall battery endurance.

An optional attachment for the RT 6–1000 is a rope canister that allows items left on the seabed, for example, tools, cables and salvage, to be quickly and easily hauled up. This works by mooring one end of the rope to the item on the seabed and the other end to the RT 6–1000 via the attached canister of rope. As the transponder ascends to the surface, high strength rope is deployed from the canister. This line can then be used to pull up the item directly or retrieve heavier tag lines

Technical information

Feature Type 8327
Depth Rating 1,000 metres
Operating Frequency MF (19–34 kHz)
Transducer Beam shape Hemispherical
Transmit Source Level (dB re 1 µPa @1 m) 187 dB
Tone Equivalent Energy (TEE)* 193 dB
Receive Threshold (dB re 1 µPa) <100 dB
Working Load Limit (4:1) 125 kg
Proof Load 250 kg
Breaking Load 500 kg
Maximum Safe Release Load 125 kg
Battery Life (Alkaline) 18 months
Surface Unit Sonardyne 6G transceiver/Surface Command Unit
Inclinometer Accuracy ±5°
Mechanical Construction Plastic, stainless steel and anodised aluminium alloy
Operating Temperature -5 to 40ºC
Storage Temperature -20 to 55ºC
Maximum Dimensions (Length x Diameter) 514 x 63 mm (20.2 x 2.5”)
Weight in Air/Water** 2.0/0.5 kg
Rope Canister (longer lengths available)Release Nut
75 metres (100 kg SWL)
120 metres (250 kg SWL)
160 metres (125 kg SWL)Part No. 830-1641 (note: 5 nuts supplied with each new RT 6-1000)
Standards Temperature – DNV 2.4 Location Class D
Vibration – DNV 2.4 Location Class BCE Marked to EN-60945, EN-61010