Innova Quattro controller unit

Quattro is an ultra-compact 4-functions valve controller unit with 4 valves each capable of providing up to 22 lpm hydraulic flow, proportionally controlled over a serial line. The system is ideal for controlling hydraulic tooling, such as torque tools, inspection tools etc, and generally for increasing the capacety of any ROV or tooling system in a simple manner.



The Quattro system is based on a compact, oil-filled, pressure compensated housing containing 4 off 4/3-way proportional
valves. The pressure on two of the valves is controlled via an
integrated proportional pressure reducing valve. Pressure is
monitored via two pressure sensors, one measuring full
system pressure and one measuring the reduced pressure.
This configuration provides 2 A and B ports with proportionally
controlled flow and pressure, and 2 A and B ports with proportionally controlled flow at full pressure.
All functions are controlled via RS232 or RS485 serial line. The
system has spare IO to monitor external sensors such as
torque sensors, and to operate external valve functions.
On the surface, all tool functions are controlled and monitored
via a user-friendly software package. Other surface control
options, such as dedicated software or hand-controllers are

Technical information

Valve configuration:
• 4 off 4/3-way proportional valve functions,
each capable of 22 lpm
• 1 off proportional pressure reducing valve
• 2 off pressure sensors
Innova PWM 16 controller module:
• 16 off PWM outputs
(9 for controlling the valves, 7 spare)
• 6 off 10-bit analogue inputs
(2 for pressure sensors, 4 spare for torque feedback or similar)
• 4 off isolated digital inputs
(for pulse type turns counter, proximity sensors or similar)
• RS232 and RS485 serial communication
• Burton 5506-1508 connector
• Power requirement: 24VDC
• Size: 268 x Ø178 mm including connectors
• Material:Aluminium 6082-T6, hard anodized
• Depth rating: 3000 m