Innova CUTE I/O Controller Board

The I/O controller board is designed to provide a number of I/O’s often required in subsea intervention control systems.



The board has 12 analogue inputs, 4 configured for 0-20mA input
and 8 configured for 0-10V input Other combinations of current / voltage
inputs can be accomplished by altering resistor values on the board.

The unit has also 8 opto isolated digital inputs, relay drivers for 8 external relays, 8 onboard
relays (typically for controlling power to sensors) and water alarm.
Remote control is possible via RS232 or multi drop RS485 communication.

Physical I/O configuration
• 12 analogue inputs with 12 bit resolution, 4 x 0-20mA
& 8 x 0 – 10V
• 8 sensor power outputs each fitted with 2-pole relays
and 2A fuse
• 8 drivers for external relays (12 or 24VDC coil)
• 8 opto isolated inputs for 24V signal level
• 1 water alarm
• 1 RS232 or RS485 communication port to a host
• 1 RS485 port for communication with up to 4 Camera
Controller slave boards

Technical information

Software features:
• “Do All” function that read and write all I/0 in one command
• Configurable power-up state
• Configurable loss of communication output state (keep
current state or set predefined state)

Size and mounting interface:
• Size:160 x 100 x 12 mm
• Mounting: Rail mounting on the short edges
Alternatively mounted by 4 holes
for M3 bolts, 1 in each corner 5 mm
from the corners. Connections on the long sides

• Power: Phoenix FK-MC0,5/2-ST-2,5 connector
• Serial port (master): Phoenix FK-MC0,5/5-ST-2,5 connector
• Serial port (slave): Phoenix FK-MC0,5/3-ST-2,5 connector
• Digital inputs: Phoenix FK-MC 0,5/8-ST-2,5 connector
• Analogue inputs: Phoenix FK-MC 0,5/5-ST-2,5 connector
• Relays: Phoenix FK-MC 0,5/10-ST-2,5 connector
• External relays: Phoenix FK-MC 0,5/10-ST-2,5 connector
• Water Alarm: Phoenix FK-MC 0,5/2-ST-2,5 connector