Innova CUTE Insulation Measurement Board

The insulation measurement board will measure the insulation resistance between a low voltage DC (24VDC) powered system and protective earth.


Measurement is done by a low current DC signal, in principle as an Ohm-meter.
The insulation board can be supplied with 1 or 2 channels for measurement of up to 2 separate (galvanic isolated) powered systems.
The output is voltage corresponds to the leakage resistance between the DC powered system and protective earth.

Physical I/0 configuration
• 1 or 2 inputs for DC voltage and protective earth
• 1 or 2 analogue outputs, 0-8V
• Internal power is galvanic isolated from power supply and output

Technical information

• Power Supply: 24VDC (12VDC Optional)

Size and mounting interface:
• Size: 100 x 160 x 12mm
• Mounting: Rail mounting on the short edges
Alternatively mounted by 4 holes for M3 bolts, 1 in each corner 5 mm from the corners. Connections on the long sides

• Power: Phoenix connector type MC1,5/2-ST-3,81
• Inputs and outputs: Phoenix connector type MC1,5/8-ST-3,81