Teledyne Bowtech LED-B-Series

The Teledyne Bowtech LED-B-SERIES light is designed for use on small ROVs, with favourable physical characteristics of 0.05kg weight and measuring only 54mm in length and a maximum diameter of 31mm, there is no limit to where this light can fit.


Designed for use in water, at depths of up to 4000m, the LED-B-Series is available with 1500 lumens, with the added feature that a thermal protection circuit reduces output when run in air or at elevated water temperatures. This thermal limiting ensures that the lamp does not overheat if accidentally run in air.

The lamp may be controlled through Teledyne Bowtech GUI software that is supplied as standard, and multiple LED-B lights may be controlled on a single RS-485 bus.
The LED-B is built with an overmoulded cable instead of a connector as this minimises length, and reduces the required clearance area when used on a pan and tilt unit.
Teledyne Bowtech communications protocol, details are available upon request.​

Technical information

​Electrical ​​ ​​ Input Voltage ​24Vdc
​Input Power 14W​
​Control RS-485 (Teledyne Bowtech Protocol)​
Environmental​ ​​ ​​ ​ Depth Rating​ 4000m​
Storage Temperature​ -30°C to +70°C​
Operating Temperature​ -10°C to +20°C​ (in water at full brightness), -10°C to +40°C (at reduced brightness)
​Thermal Limiting Automatic reduction of output at elevated water temperatures via thermal limiting protection circuit​
EMC ​​ EN 55015:2013 + A1:2015, except clause 4.4.2 Radiated E-field emissions, deviation to class A limits.
​EN 61547:2009, except clause 5.3 Radiated E-field immunity, deviation to criteria B
​Optical ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​ Typical Luminous Flux 1500 Lumens
​Typical Illuminance @ 1m​ 500 lx (in air)
​Typical Beam Angle 110​° in air
Colour Temperature​ 5700 Kelvin
Typical Lumen Maintenance​ >36,000 hours​ to 70%
Mechanical​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​Housing Material Hard anodised 6082-T6 Aluminium
​Window Material Sapphire Glass​
Dimensions​ 31mm (front-end), 19.5mm (body) (ø) x 54mm (l)
Weight in Air​ 0.05kg
Standard Connector 4 core flexible cable with open tails
Connector Options Selection of subsea connectors may be attached to cable tails


LED-B-Series Datasheet