Tritech Typhoon – Colour Camera with Zoom

The Tritech Typhoon is a robust, high resolution colour underwater video camera with an auto-focus zoom lens, which maintains focus throughout x23 Optical and additional x12 Digital Zoom ranges. Both PAL and NTSC Broadcast Standards are supported.


The Typhoon combines the latest CCD with numerous digital enhancements and the camera’s wide dynamic range technology compensates for bright backgrounds and low light conditions; providing clear, low noise video with good contrast. The auto white balance maintains natural colours under wide ambient lighting conditions and also the Digital Slow Shutter and IR Cut Filter options deliver higher sensitivity at low levels of illumination.
All optical and digital functions can be controlled via a user-friendly GUI, or integrated within an ROV control system via a RS232 Command Protocol. The GUI provides default system settings or user-specific configurations.
Alternatively, focus and zoom can be controlled by analogue signal inputs. Digital Slow Shutter and Back Light Compensation functions can be optionally ‘hard-wired’.
An ‘Ivanoff Corrected’ lens system optimises picture quality by reducing radial distortion and chromatic aberration. In benchmark tests, the Typhoon delivered sharper definition and better colour rendering than similar cameras.
Typhoon can be supplied with an integral overvoltage protected Video Line Driver, which with electable gain, this can compensate for video signal attenuation through longer umbilicals.