Actuator Running Tool

Subsea Actuator Running Tool

The Actuator Running Tool (ART) is designed and tested for retrieval and installation operation of subsea hydraulic actuators up to 10.500kg. The key features include a DNV 2.7-3 lifiting frame and an adjustement mechanism integrated. The Actuator Running Tool lands on a subsea structure using configurable guidepost and mini-guide posts for fine guiding. Integrated soft-landing…

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Remote Offloading System

Sunken ships and vessels may contain oil and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. FRAMO’s Remote OffLoading System (ROLS) is designed to drain sunken vessels for harmful chemicals, eliminating the risk for spills. The ROLS is a free-flying ROV incorporating a drill and offloading system for penetrating vessel hulls and pumping out chemicals, operating…

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Aircraft Warning Markers

helicopter installing a air warming marker in a poweline

We have successfully installed warning markers on energized power lines. The qualification program for live-line operation has been completed. Innova AS has been assigned a contract by Statnett for development of a robotic tool for installation of Aircraft Warning Markers, AWM, on high-voltage power lines. The robot is designed for autonomous installation of AWM onto…

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Soft Landing Control System

soft landing system

The Soft Landing Control System was designed and delivered by Innova Aker Subsea to ensure controlled landing of the Åsgard Subsea Compression modules. Åsgard Subsea Compression is the world’s first subsea gas compression plant, and was put on-line by Statoil in 2015. Installing and retrieving the large, heavy modules poses a significant challenge, and the modules…

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Tactical Sensor Unit

software for tactical sensor unit

Innova has developed and built 5 Tactical Sensor Units (TASSEN) for the Norwegian Navy. The sensor units are based on Innova’s data logger technology. The TASSEN units are autonomous data logger systems, designed to monitor mine sweeps. The system consist of subsea sensor unit, wireless data transmission system and surface monitoring and signal processing software. The battery…

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Intervention tooling control systems

component board of a intervention tooling

Based on standardised subsea control building blocks, Innova have delivered a number of electro-hydraulic control systems for subsea intervention tooling applications. Our continously expanding family of networked control modules and the LINK family of fibre optic communication products, combined with in-hous electronics, mechanical and hydraulic design expertise, enable us to provide customised solutions for any…

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Subsea excavator control system

subsea scavator control system

Innova was approached by Scanmudring, a company then working with inshore trenching and excavating at low depths, to modify an excavator for deep water use.By removing the motor and control system, and replacing this with a subsea hydraulic power unit and advanced electro-hydraulic subsea control system, the standard constuction excavator was converted into a full…

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Hywind floating wind turbine

hywind floating wind turbine

(Photo: Trude Refsahl/Statoil) Innova AS has delivered the instrumentation package under contract to Technip for Statoil’s Hywind floating offshore wind turbine. Hywind is the world’s first floating wind turbine, and was installed west of Karmøy, Norway, in 2010. The instrumentation package includes: Stain gauges for windmill base structure Anchor load monitoring Position and motion monitoring system…

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ConocoPhilips Service Manipulator

service manipulator

The Service Manipulator is a service tool for handling of choke valves at Ekofisk 2/4x. The Service Manipulator is custom designed to meet the special requirements of the Conoco Philips EKO-X Platform. Restricted access and an active production area demanded safe and efficient handling equipment. A nearby overhead crane traveling along the valves was utilised…

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Pulse Monitoring System

pulse monitoring system

The Pulse Monitoring System is an adaptation of the SeaDAQ subsea data logger technology to measure flow induced pressure pulses in a subsea pipeline. The pressure pulse can be identified by measuring the expansion of the pipe in the radial direction – almost like measuring the pulse through a blood vessel. However, unlike the human…

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