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Innova Chooses Sonardyne Technology for Resident ROVs

Innova has selected acoustic and inertial navigation technology from Sonardyne International for two new in-field resident remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Each ROV will be installed with a co-housed Sonardyne Sprint Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Syrinx Doppler Velocity Log (DVLs) to provide navigation data that will support a variety of survey and inspection missions in…

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Innova presents Sonardyne BlueComm

The Sonardyne BlueComm is a wireless system that can transfer 10-20 Mbit/sec up to approximately 100 meters and 1 Mb per/sec up to 200m distance. The technology opens a whole range of new possibilities for the subsea industry, for example wireless ROV telemetry, local control of AUV systems etc. The technology uses LED light for…

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Innova Matrix MK II+ – Taking it one step further

Innova can now offer the highest specified multiplexer available in the market. Standard configuration contains: Signal interfaces: 10 x RS232 4 x software switchable RS232/RS485 2 x Gb Ethernet (C1-C2) 2 x 100 Mbps Ethernet (C3) 2 x single direction PECL 3 x HD-SDI 2 x 5V TTL trigger All serial and trigger interfaces are…

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Matrix Mk II+ – Taking it one step further!

Innova was proud to release the Matrix Mk II + survey multiplexer at the OI this year. Based on experience stretching back to 1998, the Matrix Mk II+ is now the highest specified multiplexer available in the market. Taking it one step further. The design is shock and vibration tested and qualified according to the…

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Vibration Logging and Monitoring

Innova is proud to have commissioned the last of a long series of vibration/instrumentation packages. The last delivery includes upgrades for smaller diameter pipes. The Vibration Data Logger can be used on a variety of subsea pipes and structures at 0-4000 meter water depth. A system consists of one or several clamps in different sizes…

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Subsea Pull-in Winch

Innova recently acquired a Subsea Pull-in winch for our local rental pool. The winch is hydraulically powered by an ROV or a subsea HPU. Main specifications: Pull force, up to 10 000 kg 2 ea 260 meter of 12mm Dynema Dextron 12 Plus fibre rope (breaking load 19 700 kg) Load cell with gauge available…

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Through the development of various system deliveries, Innova has developed both AC and DC motor drivers for use in submersible applications. The DC versions are used on PM motors for actuators and similar, and can be delivered for a range of voltages and powers. The initial applications include rudder actuators, electric manipulator drives and actuators,…

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Based on a comprehensive range of bespoke hydraulic control systems and valve packs, Innova also offers a range of more standardized solutions. The smallest of these is the Quattro hydraulic controller, offering 4 off 4/3 valves with proportional flow control up to 22 lpm, and also proportional pressure control on 2 of these functions. Typical…

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Innova is a distributor of Aubin products for the Norwegian marked. Aubin is a designer, developer and supplier of chemicals and chemistry related technology to the oil and gas industry. Aubin´s pumpable buoyancy product “DeepBouy” and GLS is an incompressible and stable liquid with density of 550Kg per m³. The liquid can be pumped from…

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